tricks cheat cookie clicker

Cookie Clicker Cheats

There are many tricks to Cookie Clicker Cheats .  Every single tricks cheat cookie clicker relies upon what net browser you are using, and there are also a few one in every of type forms in cookie clicker cheats.

In this article, you will learn different tricks cheat cookie clicker that help you to play this game more effectively. As you know, cookie clicker is not only a well-known game of these days but also an addicting.  So, here I came up with a variety of cheats to stop gambling cookie clicker.

Cheat No. 1: Car Clicker

You will never have heard of software which is known as vehicle-clicker. It’s quite a useful element to apply while you are playing cookie clicker.

Vehicle-clicker download:

Download file

I am pretty positive that you will know how to use it after you open it, essentially auto-clicker is just a utility to help you click robotically. I am not taking this trick as cheats because you can’t do any other task while you are on car-clicker.


First click on in keeping with millisecond is the fastest you may get, and it simplest works while your laptop is clearly speedy.

Cheat No. 2: The Actual Cheat

Observe: no downloading is wanted

The primary thing that you have to do is open browser console, and that is the element wherein each browser is different.

Here below are the codes for various browsers:-

  • Google Chrome:

For Windows operating systems —- press ctrl + shift + J or press F2 to open developer tools and click on “Console” tab

For Mac users —- press ⌘ + Alt + J to open the developer gear. Click on at the “console” tab

  • Firefox:

For Windows operating system—- press ctrl + shift + ok to open the console

For Mac users —- press ⌘ + choice + okay to open the console

  • Opera:

Windows operating systems —- press ctrl + shift + i to open dragonfly, then click on the “Console” tab

  • Safari:

Mac users —- press ⌘ + choice + C to open the error console (you have got to check the “Show Develop Menu Bar” container in “Preferences” —> “Advanced”)

Cheated Cookies Flavor Awful:

“Cheated cookie flavor awful” is a shadow success you may release while you cheat.

If you need to keep away from getting the fulfillment, kind earlier than you cheat:

/*game.Goldencookie.Wrath = 0;*/

Recreation.Goldencookie.Time = game.Goldencookie.Mintime;

Sport.Goldencookie.Lifestyles = 0;


Ruin the Fun:

“Ruin the fun” instantly offers you all of the upgrades, all the achievements, and 999,999,999,999,999,999 cookies.

To execute the cheat, type the following code:


Gaining cookies:

To exchange many cookies in the account, type:

Game.Cookies = <amount>

To get infinity cookies, type:

Game.Cookies = infinity

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