Interior décor of your home can be enhanced in many innovative ways using out of the box products from salvaged ships. If this concept sounds new, you can take a look at some of the objects listed here and see how best they can be used. Nautical antiques, vintage lights, antique lights, wall mountable items and pulleys and billboards are some of the unique collections you can find in the online shop. You can make use of these items to decorate your house walls, ceilings windows and doors, porch and patio, pathways and gardens.  They add aesthetic and artistic value to the internal and external surroundings of your home at affordable costs.

vintage lights Before buying the ship salvage products you need to have a proper plan about their installations. The interior designer can help you in choosing the right kind of objects for your living room, drawing room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom etc. You can start by choosing the best lighting systems from the vintage and antique collections.

Lighting Items at Marine Salvage Antiques

  • The wide array of lights at Marine Salvage Antiques consists of shade lights, marine lamps, ceiling lights, table lights, hand lights and passageway lights. Materials used are mainly metal, glass and other fire and weather resistant objects. Cast iron, brass, bronze and copper are the main categories of metals. All the mountable and hanging forms of lights are protected with an external grill which surrounds the glass casing. The complete structure is tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions for many decades.
  • The fire proof ceiling light is specifically designed for decks, cabins, passages and other parts of the ship. You may use them in your yachts and boats or in your home. Some of the models can be fixed directly to the ceiling with the help of fasteners. The models with long pipes and extensions can be fixed to the ceiling and extended to reach till the convenient heights within your home. They are designed to be protected from sources of heat and fire.
  • Table lights at Marine Salvage Antiques are molded to perfection using modern, post and pre eras of the Second World War. You can use them as study lamps, dining table lamps, shelf and cabinet décor lamps etc.
  • Passageway lights at Marine Salvage Antiques are typically made from highly strong and weather proof materials like copper, bronze and brass. You can attach their hind side hook to the metallic ring attached to the walls, doors and windows.
  • The power cables to these ship lights can be drawn from the known sources and aligned in the proper order at their respective places. The external lights can be connected to solar power source for saving on energy consumption.

vintage lights

  • Shade lights can be attached to the metallic rings and hanged near wardrobes, cabinets, shelves and other closed enclosure. They can also be used in garage, attic and other locations where the external natural lighting is hardly available all times of the day and seasons of the year.