Furniture is the very important part of our daily life, either we are relaxing at our home doing something in our office or workplace we are all the time using and being surrounded by the furniture. Different people have different taste in the furniture. Some of them go for the easy type and other go for the style willing to keep up with its maintenance. Upholstered furniture is definitely the type that needs consistent maintenance and care. Furniture upholstery is made up of different types of fabrics depending on what goes along with your taste or matches the place where it needed to be put.

Following are some of the examples of fabrics used in furniture upholstery

·       Linen

Linen is an example of the natural fabric and is used in the furniture upholstery that is meant to be formal like in living rooms etc. Not all the people go for a flashy and glam look some do it the comfortable way and linen upholstered furniture is a great choice for those people. But it is only best when it sure to be used by adults only because it is prone to soils, wrinkles and shrinkage as well. But with linen, you need not worry about the piling and fading of the fabric that happens mostly in other fabrics.

·       Leather

Nothing looks more classy while looking professional than leather. Leather furniture upholstery is mostly used in the offices or workplaces but it needs to be protected from the excess heat and cold and long exposure to sunlight otherwise it might crack.

·       Wool

Wool furniture upholstery is also quite famous and gives a very homey feel to the place. Wool is often blended with other materials to make it easy to clean and other benefits of wool upholstered furniture are that it is cannot be shrunk, piled and won’t fade off and wear off easily.

·       Cotton

Cotton is by far the easiest and the most available fabric for the furniture upholstery and it is also like wool do not shrink, pile, fade, wrinkle or soil. It has good durability and with its amazing characteristics, we can use it in our houses without any care of kids and pets destroying them.

·       Vinyl

Vinyl looks almost like leather but it is not that expensive like leather. It is ideal for the furniture upholstery used in a family setting. It’s another impressive quality is that it is easy to take care of as compared to leather since there is no risk of cracking but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to take care of it at all.

·       Silk

Silk is ideal for furniture upholstery in high profile living rooms and for adult areas where there is no chance of a child spoiling it. When soiled or stained e must ask for professional health instead of trying for I ourselves and then eventually damaging it more.

·       Synthetic

Synthetic fibres involve nylon, acetate, acrylic, polyester, olefin etc. Since all these fabrics are synthetic so they are made with best and improved qualities each of them having their own specific one.

The area of fabrics for furniture upholstery is very vast and to choose between them is very easy when you know pros and cons of each one of them.


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