How to Fill up Doctor Excuse Form

fake dr noteThe doctor excuse form can be filled up and presented at school after returning from absence. The same note can also be used at the workplace for presenting to the boss. For this you need a standard template. Go online and search for the best doctor excuse form template. Some of the sites offer free templates, while the others may charge a few $s. Choose the one which you feel is best. Now you need to edit the content. If you download the form in .PDF format, you need to convert it into word processor format for editing. Or you may choose to download a form in the editable format. Open the form in word processor and start editing.

How to Edit Doctor Excuse Form

  • The first column you see is perhaps the office/school name. Fill up the name of your company and address. In the provider name you can enter the name of doctor. You don’t need to think too much here. You may simply type Dr. Bob.
  • In the body of text fill up your name, start date and end date of absence. Tick on medical in the reasons column.
  • Enter the date of appointment and return date to office.
  • In the remarks column you need to fill up the details of your illness, treatment provided and the medicines prescribed. You might face some hiccups here if you aren’t aware of what to type. You can search on the internet to find the best “illness”. Headache, nausea and diarrhea are excuses for short term absence. Typhoid, fever, jaundice and back pain are illnesses for long term absence. Choose the illness according to your need and fill up the remarks column. Of course you need to specify the list of prescribed medicines and treatment which you can copy from the internet. Now your task is complete. Take a print and present to your boss when you return to work.

Elements of Fake Dr Note

doctor excuse form

  • While writing about the illness in the fake dr note, make sure you specify only curable and non contagious ones. Making a mistake here can lead to complications like keeping you away from school for the rest of academic year.
  • The doctor and medical center names you mention should be genuine. Writing a nonexistent entity here could lead to suspension from school. But you should avoid any names of medical center or hospital which is close to your school. You may write a private clinic name which is located in somewhere around 50 to 60 KMS away from your city or town. Nobody in your school has the patience or the need to check out the details.
  • Once you return to school, you may need to fake “recovery syndromes” like fatigue, headache and nausea sometimes. Make sure you don’t end up taking any pill or medicine given at your school to help you recover faster. They may really make you sick. Stop your recovery syndrome faking after one or two days of presenting the fake dr note.